PRIVAT’s quality system focuses on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, meeting the requirements of the ISO-9001:2015

Our Quality Assurance Department monitors the system with the commitment and involvement of the entire organisation.

We inspect all the parts following carefully defined criteria and these are delivered to the customer along with a technical and compliance report, according to the conditions set out in each order.

Moreover, according to the current European regulations, at PRIVAT we are committed to the Community Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (E.M.A.S, for its acronym in English) and with the Management System for Health and Safety at Work.


Metrology instrumentation

We have several types of metrology instruments and gauges that allow us to inspect our production according to the requirements demanded.

Our measuring instruments are calibrated and certified by ENAC external reference laboratories.

  • Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex 500 Three-Dimensional CNC Machine500
  • Starret granite surface plate, 800x600mm – Grade 1
  • Starret bench centres 0-600mm – 10μm accuracy
  • Brown & Sharpe vertical column, 0-600mm – 10μm accuracy
  • Mitutoyo rectangular gauge block set, 0-100mm – Grade 1
  • Bowers internal micrometers, 0-120mm – 5μm accuracy
  • Mitutoyo internal micrometers, 0-100mm – 1μm accuracy
  • Mitutoyo external micrometers, 0-300mm – 10μm accuracy
  • Insize external micrometers, 300-500mm – 10μm accuracy
  • Digital caliper 0-1,000mm – 10μm accuracy
  • Digital and conventional calipers – 1μm accuracy
  • Thread gauges and bore gauges, 6H
  • Marposs electronic bore gauges – 1μm accuracy
  • Hommel-Etamic - Roughness Measurement Instrument - Measuring range:±100 µm
  • Test pin set,  Tolerance class 2,  Nominal size range 1mm  -  10 mm, Pitch 0.1 mm