Mecanitzats PRIVAT in conjunction with CDEI-UPC have developed a mechanism to automate AMBU manual respirators as a contribution to COVID-19's health emergency status.


The design is developed with stainless steel and machined components as an alternative to 3D printing systems in order to provide an alternative service.

This system allows to regulate the frequency of breathing (between 15 and 20 rpm) and the amount of air to be introduced to the patient.

The study of its functioning has an starting point the model of the human respiration curves through a polynomial function.

This mathematical model responds well to breathing behavior and digitally regulates the entire respiratory system.

The construction of the electromechanical and regulating section of the first prototype has been completed.

The needs of the system are currently being evaluated by a medical team and the urgent monitoring and the patiend safety stage is being continued.

Once the corresponding tests and validations have been performed, it is expected that they will be able to put into operation.

We thank to our contributors, Metall-logic, Oxiter and Artinox for helping us make this first model reality.

We have all the support of the metal sector in Girona –METALL GIRONA- to make the provision of these devices available to all healthcare centers that require it once all the required authorizations have been obtained.

Through the following link you can see the operation of the respirator and the LinkedIn news from CDEI-UPC: