About us


PRIVAT is a family company founded in 1988, specialised in the field of CNC manufacturing and integrated assemblies of all types of parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies for a wide variety of industries and applications. With a flat, agile and flexible structure focused on customer service.

Our production is based on all kinds of operations, including complex processes carried out with high precision CNC equipment.

Our close collaboration with a wide range of certified suppliers allows us to perform a wide range of treatments and mechanical specialisations to provide customers with numerous solutions.

  • Engineering and industry
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and optical
  • Competition
  • Robotics
  • Scientific Instrumentation

Constant investments in new technologies have led PRIVAT to continuously improve year after year.



PRIVAT’s main objective is to provide a proper service to its customers, which implies a total customisation of the product to meet their needs and with a commitment to produce high precision parts on a competitive basis.

Experience in different industries gives our customers the confidence that we can meet all of their expectations.



Collaboration with industrial clients allows us to offer business-to-business strategies. PRIVAT is always ready to accept new challenges to find solutions in manufacturing a final product that meets all the customer’s expectations, with a high degree of commitment.


Objectives, mission and values 

In PRIVAT we have established:

  • Our objective is to offer our customers the best technological solutions in the field of mechanical devices and their integration.
  • Our mission is to provide solutions in a competitive manner.
  • Our values are collaboration, commitment and responsibility with our customers.

Human team

  • The consolidation of a young and dynamic group of people makes it possible to continuously integrate new technologies so as to meet the new demands and expectations of the market.
  • Thanks to the motivation and constant training of our team we can provide solutions for the most demanding operations. Motivated by a strong desire to improve, our highly skilled technicians, develop solutions to carry out the most complex projects.